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Tips And Checklist For Diabetes When Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad requires a lot of planning even if you are a seasoned traveller, it always involves a whole list of things to be checked starting from your travel documents to the least. For example, you may have traveled to the US many a times but every time you still need to check for your ESTA US Visa which would authorize your travel for the same. Similarly one needs to look at various other things considering his or her situation like clothing, accessories medicines etc. One’s medical condition also determines the amount of planning and preparation that should go in before overseas travel and especially if you are traveling overseas with diabetes then you need to plan well in advance and much ahead with the help of your medical expert as to what all should you need to do on that trip. Below we shall look at some general information that could be useful for diabetics traveling abroad.

With diabetes what irritates most people is traveling overseas especially because of the extra stuff that one has to carry with the baggage, but the best part is that they can still travel unlike people with other diseases and complications. The planning process as to what to pack up would probable start weeks ahead before the travel date.

Firstly most important would be the diabetes kit and just not one maybe a couple or more spares would be fine and then very next thing would be how you would carry or consider packing it. Once that is done another hurdle probably you may face at the last moment is carrying it through the airlines security check.

Once done with the kit next the medicines and supplies, it is always advisable to carry the medical supplies with you and not in the baggage to avoid any loss during transit. Particularly for those on insulin make sure that it is with you in the hand baggage and not in the cabin baggage as it is fine in normal temperature and does not require any additional cooling atmosphere but just be sure to avoid extreme temperatures.

Next after insulin would be best to have a literal list with all names of medicines that you would require and also the amount of stock you have for the number of days it is always advisable to have some more extra stock just to ensure that if your stay gets extended you don’t run out of medication. Also check in on your blood test strips if required in the same manner.

Above all try and carry all your medicines insulin and pumps if you need one in a specific and separate kit bag specially meant for your diabetic purposes so that you won’t search for anything here and there when you need it the most.

Below is a small list that could help you with all things that you need to add to this the list of medicines that you are using since all diabetics may not have the same medication.

A) Before starting

  • A letter mentioning are a diabetic from your medical consultant
  • If you are on a pump a letter mentioning that
  • A handful of sugar in solid form
  • Insulin in a transparent plastic bag to help you in security check


B) For those on injections

  • Blood testing equipment
  • A Device for lancing
  • Sensors for blood testing
  • Insulin Cartridges and Pens
  • Needles
  • Equipment for Hypo Treatment

C) For those using insulin pumps

  • Reservoirs
  • Infusion Sets and Inserters
  • Insulin Bottles
  • Pump Batteries
  • Blood testing equipment
  • A Device for lancing
  • Sensors for blood testing
  • Equipment for Hypo Treatment

Be sure to add your medicine checklist to this and that should be fine and of course if you are traveling to US then do not forget your ESTA US Visa as that will be top essential for you to land there

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