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3 Biggest Health Concerns in Europe

Health is an important aspect in accelerating economic growth and development in Europe. Despite efforts by various governments across European countries in collaboration with related public health stakeholders to promote universal healthcare for all, there are major health concerns in Europe that are threatening the state of health across the European continent. The effects of these health concerns include billions of euros lost in medical expenses and productivity losses, disabilities and premature deaths.

The 3 biggest health concerns in Europe are;

1) Cardiovascular Disease
Also referred to as CVD, cardiovascular disease is a public health menace in Europe. CVD contributes more than 4 and 2 million deaths across Europe and the European Union respectively, which accounts for over 46% and 40% of all deaths occurring in Europe and the European Union.
According to the World Health Organization, over half of all deaths that occur in Europe are caused by cardiovascular disease and it contributes to almost 50 times the number of deaths contributed by tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined. Across all European countries, CVD is the major cause of deaths among women. Factors that contribute to the widespread of CVD across Europe include-

Low consumption of fruits and vegetables
Low levels of regular physical activities
Increasing rates of obesity
Consumption of diet with high amounts of saturated fats

3) Aging Population
In all European countries, the number of older people is increasing considerably, which is stimulated by growing life expectancy and declining birth rates. According to European Older People’s Platform, over a third of the population in Europe will be over 60 years by 2025. The number of individuals over 80 years is expected to rise rapidly, which will have a huge effect on Europe’s labour market, thus impacting the continent’s economic growth and development. According to the World Health Organization, the rate of people over the age of 80 is expected to rise to 33% by 2017 in European Union. If ample plans are not made to promote healthy aging, the increase in an aging population will be characterized by-

An increase in the number of injuries among the elderly
A rise in mortality rates among older people
Deteriorating mental health
An increase in the number of physical disabilities among older people
Rising cases of preventable diseases among the elderly

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4) Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest health concerns in Europe. According to a report commissioned by the European Commission in partnership with the World Health Organization, Europe has the highest number of premature deaths and total poor health as a result of alcohol. The European Union is the world’s heaviest drinking region with a fifth of the population over the age of 15 years being involved in heavy episodic drinking every week. Some of the alcohol-related effects include diseases such as liver diseases, cancer, fatal alcohol syndrome, heart disease and chronic pancreatitis, disorders such as alcohol addiction, and deaths due to alcohol-related road accidents.

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5 Foods To Stop Worrying About

Weight gain is an issue that is affecting many people in today’s world. Many people are trying to lose weight but they are eating the wrong food which is taken in in-appropriate amounts, so they end up with lack of self-esteem. Although, there may not be a perfect food to control weight as weight gain depends on the amount of food intake; however, there are some foods that do not pose a great risk for anyone who is conscious about their weight.

Apples are ideal snacks for those who are watching their weight. When you eat an apple before a meal like pasta, you are likely to take in fewer calories. This is because of the antioxidants present in apples. These antioxidants also prevent metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by excess belly fat or a body figure. Apples, unlike bananas, do not have carbohydrates, so they can be eaten in plenty as much as one pleases. The trick is that an apple makes one feel fully quickly.

Lentils can also be eaten without worrying about weight gain. They are true belly flatteners and also help in preventing insulin spikes that enhance creation of excess body fats around the abdominal area. Lentils are also filling, so one cannot eat in excess. They can also be used as a substitute for beans because they do not cause so much gas. Lentils are a perfect substitute for meat because they are rich in protein.

Olive oil also has less risk of gaining weight. You are probably wondering how fat can reduce body weight. Well you should know that Olive oil is recommended because it is monounsaturated and has oleic acid, which is transformed into a compound that suppresses appetite and relieves hunger. The transformation takes place in the small intestine. The compound known as OEA (oleoylethanolamide) usually sends signals to the brain that one is full. The next time you prepare salad, ensure that you dress it with olive oil to lessen your worries about weight gain.

Oat bran is also another food that one should not worry about. Oat bran is rich in fibre, so it makes one feel full. It also assists in speedy elimination of fat. They are mostly recommended by doctors because they absorb fats and lowers cholesterol. Oat bran bars have become a necessity for many dieters, so if you should purchase food for good results when you step on to that weighing scale, oat bran should come into the list.

Mushrooms are also great food for people who are worried about their weight gain. These are perfect substitutes for meat because of their texture and taste. Meat, especially red meat, causes weight gain, so you may include some mushrooms in your diet to reduce intake of meat. Numerous studies have shown that Mushrooms have lower calories compared to meat.

The next time you go for shopping consider buying these foods for a perfect diet. Even though you carry UK passport application or hold one and ready to travel overseas, make sure your diet is not being disturbed.

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