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Six Fast Ways to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

The question which worries most people is how to get rid of belly fat. This kind of fat is in fact the most dangerous as large waist lines indicate certain problems with health.

Crunches alone will not do! People start to gain fat in the midsection when the cortisol secretion spikes. One of the main culprits for the high cortisol level is stress. As soon as you are stressed the calories are burned most effectively and the fat is prevented from being stored in the abdominal. In case of bad dieting your stress can grow worse and cortisol level may increase, thus no changes will occur to the belly fat even if you reduce calories taken. So which way is the best to shape up?

Find our 6 tips below to make your belly flatter in no time.

1. Sleep

Think carefully if you are going to work late hours. If your biorhythms are damaged, it results in eating more. Your body produces more ghrelin when you are tired thus triggering the temptation for sugar and fat-building products. Losing sleep may also alter you hormone level, which can result in cortisol level increase and entailed insulin sensitivity, which is in its turn the main reason for belly fat. Sleeping about 7 hours every night is the most efficient recipe for keeping fit and healthy weight loss.

2. Short bursts of exercises

A thousand crunches every day may help you get strong abdominal muscles, while the layer of fat will remain on top, so you are unlikely to really get the results you are aimed at. Change the crunches for the exercise, which presuppose the involvement of all muscle groups and intensive work of your cardiovascular system. Make use of planking, holding yourself in a push-up position, your forearms on the ground. Make three or four planks holding for half a minute each. Being active throughout a day, going for walks is also very helpful. 

3. Sugar is your Enemy

The core factor of success in belly fat fighting is a healthy diet. Reduce calories taking a lot of protein, whole grains and vegetables, avoiding multiple snacks.  Sprinkle your morning coffee with cinnamon the spice has proved to stabilize blood sugar and makes your slower, allowing you feel satiated longer.

4. Vitamin C

If you are extremely stressed, you produce more cortisol, vitamin C will help you to balance the spikes of the hormone as well as prevent from catching a cold. Vitamin C is involved in the production of carnitine, the substance which our body uses to turn fat into energy.

Increase the amount of vitamin C if you are under extreme stress or emotional crisis, it will help to cope with negative side effects. Put it on notice that bell peppers, sour kale, kiwis contain even more Vitamin C than the well-known lemons! 

5. Eat Fat

You’ve heard it right! Fat helps burn fat, sugar produces fat! Good fats are contained in the foodstuff rich in omega 3 fatty acids they are salmon, avocados and walnuts. They contain the nutrients which may help you feel full throughout the day. 

6. Slowing down your breath

If you are busy with something, this is the easiest trick, which may be used to get rid of stress. When you feel tense, stop for a moment to check your breathing. In most cases people alternate holding their breath with short breaths, or take rapid shallow breaths. As soon as you are aware of the way you breathe, relax your belly, slow the rhythm down. The best result is achieved when the exhalation is slowed down rather than inhalation. Repeat “slow down” to yourself with each exhalation. Though it sounds extremely simple it works surprisingly effective!

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