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Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is an extremely rare form of cancer that arises from malignant cells, developing without control in the tissue of the penis, which is the male sexual organ. Cancer of the penis is an extremely rare form of cancer. In most cases, penile cancer starts under the foreskin. If it is diagnosed early, the chances of recovery are very high.

The symptoms of penile cancer include red rashes, unusual lumps, growths or sores on the penis, especially on the foreskin, discharge from under the foreskin, change from the normal colour of the penis or foreskin, swelling of the lymph glands in the groin.

The following risk factors increase the chance of an individual developing penile cancer: insufficient hygiene of the foreskin (men who have been circumcised are less likely to get penile cancer), Human Papilloma Virus, being older than 40 and tobacco smoke.

If penile cancer is diagnosed early, circumcision may be an effective method of treating the cancer. If the cancer of the penis has reached more advanced stages, a part of it may have to be removed surgically. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy is also applied in the treatment of penile cancer.

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