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Nasal Cavity and Cinus Cancer

Nasal cavity and sinus cancer is a form of cancer which is caused by mutated malignant cells in the tissue of the paranasal sinuses or the nasal cavity. Paranasal sinuses are hollow tubes located in the bones on both sides of the nose. The sinuses produce mucus, which stops the nasal cavity from drying out in the process of breathing. The nasal cavity is the air-filled part of the respiratory system, which is used for breathing and out and participates in the process of speech. It is located above the mouth and conjoined with the throat.

The risk factors for nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer are exposure to carcinogenous particles and heavy smoking. Males are thought to be more at risk of developing this form of cancer than women. Risk also increases with age, especially after the age of 40. The symptoms include long lasting blockage, pressure or pain in the sinuses, persistent headache, bleeding or discharge from the nose, a numb sensation in the face and an unusual lump in the nose, on the face or in the mouth that does not heal for a long period of time.

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