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My Father’s Knee Surgery

My elderly father had suffered osteoarthritis in his left knee for some years and it had begun to have a real negative impact on his life. The knee injury he had suffered in a car crash many years ago had left behind a legacy of aches and pains which had worsened over time. He started to have difficulty in tackling the stairs in his house due to stiffness and discomfort and could no longer engage in his favourite pastime of walking. He was suffering pain even when sitting, or lying in bed at night. 

He was told that as a result of the osteoarthritis the cartilage which cushions the knee joint and which effectively acts as a shock absorber had become soft and had worn away. This allowed the bones meeting at the knee joint to rub together, resulting in stiffness and pain. He was given the option of a total knee replacement, known as a knee arthroplasty, to which he gladly agreed.

This operation involved the arthritic cartilage and the adjacent bone being removed and the resultant area being resurfaced with metal implants attached to the femur and tibia. A plastic spacer was then placed between these implants. There were, thankfully, no complications, but as is the normal routine he was kept in hospital for several days, with exercise therapy begun the day after surgery to strengthen the leg and restore movement.

Back home again his physical therapist gave him a regimen of exercises to follow. He performed these diligently several times a day and within six weeks was driving again, which meant he could get out in the country to enjoy his favourite walks once more. He tells me that there has been a great reduction in knee pain and that he now enjoys greater mobility than he has in many years. The total knee replacement was undoubtedly the right decision, and has given my father back his freedom.

If you are facing with the same kind of knee problem, you will have to prepare your mind immediately whether you are going to undergo knee surgery or not, because it’s not very easy to get recovered after the knee surgery quickly. It will take some time for your knee recovery. However it will depend upon you what type of knee surgery you are going to undertake, but you will find a greater diversity when it comes to knee surgeries like Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Partial Knee Replacement (PKR).

As far as the benefits of knee surgery are concerned, well my father was truly happy and satisfied after the surgical treatment. Pain was reduced immensely. Muscles were improved. Amazingly that surgery improved the quality of his life. The surgery improved movement of the knee joint dramatically. Overall he was able to get rid of instability, disability and limited mobility of his knees.

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