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Major Advantages Of Moving On To Electronic Cigarettes

The advent of electronic cigarettes has definitely changed lives. These alternative smoking devices have proven to be a lucrative alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. In many cases, it has been a functional tool that helps people kick the habit.

Here are a few benefits of adopting e-cigarettes as a smoker –

  • Avoiding health risks such as Cancer

There is enough research highlighting how conventional cigarettes contain about 5000 chemicals. 50 of these are known to be toxic carcinogens. The good news is that e-cigarettes do not come with any such chemicals. The juice in these smoking devices is made out of various flavors, a base as well as a very small concentration of nicotine. There are no recorded cases of lung cancer due to smoking of these devices, while tobacco smoking is known to claim millions of lives every year. With e-cigarettes you are able to receive the same stimulation without the risk of disease.

  • Enhanced Affordability

Take into consideration the cost of a pack of cigarettes in your town. Now multiply it by your monthly and then annual expense towards tobacco smoking. You can spend a fraction of that amount and get yourself an electronic cigarette that come in reusable as well as disposable variants. Moving on to the electronic devices allow your save tons of money each year that you would spend on tobacco based conventional cigarettes.

  • Fewer Laws Banning E-cigarette Smoking

As of now, there are no or very few laws that ban the smoking of e-cigarettes anywhere. This means that you can go ahead and enjoy yourself at a restaurant, airport, on the bus, at bars and even at nightclubs. You can find yourself a device that does not produce any smoke. Here, the liquid base will burn into vapor that is inhalable and is almost odorless.

  • Bring back your sense of Smell and Taste

A little known side effect of tobacco smoking is the loss of smell and taste. The cloying smoke from the tobacco will enable the loss of various pleasures conventionally experienced by your nose and your tongue. E-cigarettes on the other hand have no known effects, and it is has been found that upon periodic use, your senses will be regained.

  • Help Quite Smoking

Even though there isn’t any conclusive study that proves electronic smoking truly helps quite tobacco; there are sufficient number of testimonials online that show the potential it poses in this area. Many people even claim that this works much better than nicotine gum and patches.

  • No Passive Smoking

There are enough studies highlighting the dangers of second hand smoking. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to passive smoking. Since electronic cigarettes don’t give out second hand smoke, you are not only protecting yourself but people around you as well.

In addition to this, using e-cigarettes means you no longer need to move around with the stale smell of tobacco on your body. You are minimizing fire hazards and are able to maintain the sparkling smile that everyone loves!

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