Your Health Insured | BJHC Health Tue, 11 Feb 2014 06:11:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Your Health Insured | The Miracle Cure Review: Bogus or a True Miracle? Mon, 10 Feb 2014 11:04:50 +0000 A free cure available to all which can kill cancer cells and tumors sounds too good to be true, right? We keep on looking for that one cure or drug that will finally get rid of our illnesses and “The Miracle Cure” program reveals that remedy. But is this really the one we are searching for? All doubts will be cleared after reading this review.

Pain Relief

What is The Miracle Cure?

This wonderful nutrient according to Kevin Richardson (The creator of “The Miracle Cure”) is Oxygen and those who already know how to utilize its curative power now enjoying their journey to a healthy life. Now, how Oxygen can be that miracle cure? It was not very convincing at all that a simple gas can cure all diseases and even prevent cancer cells from developing. The book explains in detail how Oxygen therapy put an end to common diseases and even the rare ones.

What I Like About This Program

Kevin Richardson provides the methods can be used to present the much vital oxygen into the body and let it work the wonder. Oxygen is used in various forms such as oxidative solutions, hydrogen peroxide therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve health.

The book is properly divided into two key chapters. The first section, “The Therapies”, present on three therapies very much in practice now:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: The nutrient which can also be found in mother’s milk that boosts baby’s immune system.
  •  Ozone Therapy: A very effective treatment for different health conditions for its power as an oxidizer and creator of oxygen.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Good for those with cognitive difficulties, stroke victims and nervous system related conditions.

The subject of the second section, “The Cures”, is dedicated on oxidative therapies.

  • Body Cleansing and Food Grade: Using very dilute solutions of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is really safe and non-toxic.
  • Oxidative Therapies and Anti-aging: You age healthy when your body not only have sufficient oxygen, but also manages it well.
  • Oxidative Therapies and Heart Disease: Oxygen and oxidative therapies overall, and hydrogen peroxide therapy specifically, have proven to be powerful to heal any condition where there is lack of oxygen amount to the heart muscle.
  • Oxidative Therapies and Cancer: Oxygen the very element that is critical to the life of normal cells is poison to Cancer.
  • Oxidative Therapies and AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases: Prevents the capability of viruses to bind to healthy cells. At the same time destroys it completely.

What I Don’t Like About It

The book has lots of valuable information, but I was looking for a lot more. It was interesting to read but didn’t guide me all the way. It was not a “how to” kind of book which offers a step by step guide to utilize the therapies.

Does It Really Works?

There is a bit of stuff and theory inside the “The Miracle Cure” program. It provides well-documented research, case studies and anecdotes which explains an exceptional understanding into the cures and therapies, of which the government has experimented in some cases, but apparently refuse to be recognized.

The book presents evidence to prove that oxygen therapy works, but it turns out that the health system has become corrupt. As a result, the therapy’s effectiveness for dealing with the ravages of chronic diseases were intentionally buried.

The Verdict

“The Miracle Cure’s” premise is centred on oxygen but its primary drive is all about medical conditions and diseases which threatened the health of everyone.

Whether oxygen therapy turns out to be a total cure for all, as the book claims, and a ton of evidence supports, remains to be seen. It is clear that it will most likely make very significant contributions to the medical community and the condition of millions in the years ahead.

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Your Health Insured | Why You Should Choose Iwearglasses For Affordable Glasses Reglazing Mon, 03 Feb 2014 11:55:55 +0000 Here at iwearglasses we are seeing a definite trend in people looking for affordable glasses reglazing rather than having to buy a new pair and there are several reasons for this.

The most obvious reason is that it’s more affordable for their glasses to be re-glazed since this process costs a fraction of the price a new pair would cost. Even if the wearer doesn’t have a new prescription, they can still get their glasses reglazed.

There’s no doubt that people become accustomed to their glasses and they have probably spent a lot of time in choosing them so that the style suits their face and they probably cost quite a lot of money.

This is especially true of designer frames and it seems pointless having to replace them with yet another pricey pair.

So it seems sensible that having gone to so much trouble of finding the frames that the wearer would then decide to keep them and just replace the lenses instead. This is why affordable glasses reglazing is becoming popular since it’s easy and very cheap to do.

photo 2

Affordable glasses reglazing from low, low prices

Other reasons people look for affordable glasses reglazing is that their lenses have become scratched, broken or even cracked and rather than go to the expense of getting a new pair at a High Street opticians, it’s easier, cheaper and simpler to send those glasses to us.

Indeed, many of our customers find it hard to believe that just a few days after sending us their glasses, we will return their frames not only looking as good as new but that we have even replaced the nose pads.

In addition, the glasses will be fitted with top quality lenses that match the prescription supplied by the client.

Also, there’s no need to worry about whether the frames will need adjusting because they will not have been altered by us – if your glasses were the perfect fit before then they will be after being working in the cutting-edge iWearGlasses laboratory.

So how much can I save by choosing affordable glasses reglazing?

This is perhaps the best part about what we do, our prices start from an unbelievable £9.99 and most people will enjoy savings of up to 80% on what a new pair of glasses would cost.

In these tough economic times, that’s a good saving and money well spent!

We could go on to explain that we have more than 30 years of experience and have always used the latest in high-tech equipment to help bring confidence to our clients.

We can also explain that we use Essilor Lenses as our standard lens though our customers can also choose Hoya and Zeiss lenses.

iwearglasses is the leading provider of reglazing services

More importantly, we don’t outsource the work for affordable glasses reglazing to a country on the other side of the world because everything is done in-house here in our UK optical lab.

Anyone interested in affordable glasses reglazing should be aware that our workmanship will equal, and more often surpass, the standard of work found on the High Street.

If you’ve got any queries about what we can do for you, then feel free to call us on 020 7193 1077 and our staff will be only too pleased to help you.

Remember: if you’re looking to keep your glasses by simply replacing the lenses, then iwearglasses is the only sensible choice to ensure the work is done professionally.

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Your Health Insured | My Father’s Knee Surgery Fri, 31 Jan 2014 09:26:03 +0000 My Father's Knee SurgeryMy elderly father had suffered osteoarthritis in his left knee for some years and it had begun to have a real negative impact on his life. The knee injury he had suffered in a car crash many years ago had left behind a legacy of aches and pains which had worsened over time. He started to have difficulty in tackling the stairs in his house due to stiffness and discomfort and could no longer engage in his favourite pastime of walking. He was suffering pain even when sitting, or lying in bed at night. 

He was told that as a result of the osteoarthritis the cartilage which cushions the knee joint and which effectively acts as a shock absorber had become soft and had worn away. This allowed the bones meeting at the knee joint to rub together, resulting in stiffness and pain. He was given the option of a total knee replacement, known as a knee arthroplasty, to which he gladly agreed.

This operation involved the arthritic cartilage and the adjacent bone being removed and the resultant area being resurfaced with metal implants attached to the femur and tibia. A plastic spacer was then placed between these implants. There were, thankfully, no complications, but as is the normal routine he was kept in hospital for several days, with exercise therapy begun the day after surgery to strengthen the leg and restore movement.

Back home again his physical therapist gave him a regimen of exercises to follow. He performed these diligently several times a day and within six weeks was driving again, which meant he could get out in the country to enjoy his favourite walks once more. He tells me that there has been a great reduction in knee pain and that he now enjoys greater mobility than he has in many years. The total knee replacement was undoubtedly the right decision, and has given my father back his freedom.

If you are facing with the same kind of knee problem, you will have to prepare your mind immediately whether you are going to undergo knee surgery or not, because it’s not very easy to get recovered after the knee surgery quickly. It will take some time for your knee recovery. However it will depend upon you what type of knee surgery you are going to undertake, but you will find a greater diversity when it comes to knee surgeries like Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Partial Knee Replacement (PKR).

As far as the benefits of knee surgery are concerned, well my father was truly happy and satisfied after the surgical treatment. Pain was reduced immensely. Muscles were improved. Amazingly that surgery improved the quality of his life. The surgery improved movement of the knee joint dramatically. Overall he was able to get rid of instability, disability and limited mobility of his knees.

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Your Health Insured | Treating Mesothelioma Wed, 15 Jan 2014 10:41:48 +0000 Treating MesotheliomaWhen it comes to dealing with the effects of mesothelioma, it can be a long, frustrating road for many people. Treating mesothelioma depends on the severity of your condition and the treatment plan you choose to follow. If the cancer can be removed through surgery, your doctor may recommend following this treatment. Your health will play a role in determining if surgery is correct for your situation. Mesothelioma is a difficult cancer to treat even if you are able to have surgery to remove the cancer; in addition to the information below, it is recommended that you contact Shrader Law for more information on mesothelioma treatments.

Resectable Mesothelioma

This is a stage of cancer where a doctor feels the cancer can be removed with surgery. You must be in good health for the doctor to perform surgery. The location of the tumor will play a role in determining if surgery is best for your situation. Having your cancer removed at an earlier stage gives you the best chance of recovery. The downside to surgery is that there are often side effects that need to be dealt with, such as shortness of breath and other respiratory problems. There is also the worry that you could end up with a long-term remission from the surgery. It is important to have several CT scans and doctor recommendations for surgery before making a decision. If it is not clear that the doctor will be able to remove all the cancer, you may want to look at other options. Treatment at this point will normally consist of chemotherapy before or after the surgery. Patients who are unable to receive the surgery will normally undergo several rounds of chemotherapy to shrink or slow down the growth of cancer.

Unresectable Mesothelioma

Unresectable mesothelioma is a cancer that cannot be removed through surgery. The surgeon may be able to remove most of the cancer but cannot completely remove it due to complications. Chemotherapy is the common treatment method to help treat or to slow the growth of cancer. It is important to note that there is not a cure for mesothelioma, and there is always a risk that you can end up with long-term recession even if you are able to battle it for a few years. Doctors will closely watch the growth of cancer since mesothelioma is a slow-growing cancer. It doesn’t cause symptoms in most patients for several years. If the cancer starts to grow rapidly, your doctor will most likely recommend chemotherapy.

Recurrent Mesothelioma

This occurs when you beat cancer and it comes back after treatment. When this happens, a doctor will look at your organs to see if the cancer is spreading to different areas of the body. They may need to start treatment for cancer in other areas of the body. The doctor will talk to you about the treatments you have already used and if they recommend continuing with them. Based on your health and the growth of the cancer, surgery and chemotherapy are the common treatments for this stage.

Clinical Trials

Some people choose to participate in studies and try new clinical methods to treat mesothelioma. If you are struggling financially, you might want to consider a clinical trial, which could save you money on cancer treatments. A clinical trial will allow you to test out new drugs and cancer treatment methods, hopefully slowing the growth of cancer or stopping it altogether.


Colin Love writes on a variety of complex legal topics but primarily concentrates on mesothelioma based litigation. He recommends that interested persons visit Shrader Law for their useful information on the subject.

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Your Health Insured | Major Advantages Of Moving On To Electronic Cigarettes Mon, 13 Jan 2014 10:06:17 +0000 Major Advantages Of Moving On To Electronic CigarettesThe advent of electronic cigarettes has definitely changed lives. These alternative smoking devices have proven to be a lucrative alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. In many cases, it has been a functional tool that helps people kick the habit.

Here are a few benefits of adopting e-cigarettes as a smoker –

  • Avoiding health risks such as Cancer

There is enough research highlighting how conventional cigarettes contain about 5000 chemicals. 50 of these are known to be toxic carcinogens. The good news is that e-cigarettes do not come with any such chemicals. The juice in these smoking devices is made out of various flavors, a base as well as a very small concentration of nicotine. There are no recorded cases of lung cancer due to smoking of these devices, while tobacco smoking is known to claim millions of lives every year. With e-cigarettes you are able to receive the same stimulation without the risk of disease.

  • Enhanced Affordability

Take into consideration the cost of a pack of cigarettes in your town. Now multiply it by your monthly and then annual expense towards tobacco smoking. You can spend a fraction of that amount and get yourself an electronic cigarette that come in reusable as well as disposable variants. Moving on to the electronic devices allow your save tons of money each year that you would spend on tobacco based conventional cigarettes.

  • Fewer Laws Banning E-cigarette Smoking

As of now, there are no or very few laws that ban the smoking of e-cigarettes anywhere. This means that you can go ahead and enjoy yourself at a restaurant, airport, on the bus, at bars and even at nightclubs. You can find yourself a device that does not produce any smoke. Here, the liquid base will burn into vapor that is inhalable and is almost odorless.

  • Bring back your sense of Smell and Taste

A little known side effect of tobacco smoking is the loss of smell and taste. The cloying smoke from the tobacco will enable the loss of various pleasures conventionally experienced by your nose and your tongue. E-cigarettes on the other hand have no known effects, and it is has been found that upon periodic use, your senses will be regained.

  • Help Quite Smoking

Even though there isn’t any conclusive study that proves electronic smoking truly helps quite tobacco; there are sufficient number of testimonials online that show the potential it poses in this area. Many people even claim that this works much better than nicotine gum and patches.

  • No Passive Smoking

There are enough studies highlighting the dangers of second hand smoking. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to passive smoking. Since electronic cigarettes don’t give out second hand smoke, you are not only protecting yourself but people around you as well.

In addition to this, using e-cigarettes means you no longer need to move around with the stale smell of tobacco on your body. You are minimizing fire hazards and are able to maintain the sparkling smile that everyone loves!

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Your Health Insured | Get Your Pain Relief Through Tramadol Medicine Pain Killer Product Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:49:07 +0000 Pain ReliefToday the medical field is being filled with enlighten choice of treating with several pain condition for the patient. Most of the people are engaged with different kind of medical pain which is expected to be cleared off within some period. So at that case they are very eager in looking after several numbers of medical excellences through which you can get protected without any kind of side effect being analyzed. Hence at last you need to be assured of agreeing with their dosage and whether it is right for your health. In case of any consultation or problem you can be sure of asking any queried to your specialist who can be very eager of helping you at that case.

Know The Facts Of Tramadol Medical Product
Also you need to think about the normal side effects which is presented through consuming their tablets are drizzling and vomiting. Hence you need to look for any other risk contained problem for these simple side effects. In that order tramadol is believed to be one such product to get your pain at that instance working out to be fitting under any kind of situation. As this is a type of powerful painkiller you need to clear that this tablet needs to be consumed only for the person who is above twelve years of age. This tablet is adopted and is availed in the form of tablet, capsule, and specialized tablet that gets dissolved soon, and injection. So this would be an better source working out into your health to be taken care. Also you need to notified with this product is highly useful as it basically works out into your brain nerves which can make you fall under relaxed condition. This product was named as an addictive tablet as several number of people believed to be enrolled with an best resulting surface which can be pushed in forward with the best enumerated service to be controlled under control.

Best Place To Purchase Tramadol Pain Killer Product
There are several number of forums through which you can know the best place to purchase them is through online. Hence you can buy tramadol online here with some distinguished offer in special for you. There you can look after this product which best response given by their customer to know the effective response through this medicine. There is several number of doctor through which you can gain with them of enumerated information about this medicine. As this medicine is well protected with the default form of side effect occurrence, you need to be well suited under normal condition so then you can consume this medicine with fine liberation of the exact effect happens to you. At such case you can kill them with instant without any kind of problem appearing into your health.

Also you need to know how to take this medicine with fine care. As in general you can consume this medicine before or after your food intake. If so you can get guided with different information that is printed inside them. The manufacturer of this medicine will be admitting the dosage level for the consumer. So you need to check your health parameters to check them with full effect. More often of you are having a habit of liquor drinker then you need to visit your specialist to know the essential factor to be considered.  So after looking into those certain assumption you can look deep into the online source to get rid of their useful precaution. So it is best to buy tramadol online here to get a remedy measure in ensuring the admired factor to get rid of any kind of pain for you like toothache, headache, and so on.

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Your Health Insured | Understanding the basics of diabetes Fri, 10 Jan 2014 13:17:41 +0000 Diabetes occurs when the amount of blood sugar or glucose is above normal levels. This occurs because your cells are unable to absorb the glucose. Cells need this sugar in order to carry out their activities part of which involves generating energy for your body. In essence, they become starved. You can equate this to a hungry person who is surrounded by lots of food but cannot it because the mouth is sewn shut.

Why is the body unable to use glucose?

In every type of diabetes, there are reasons as to why the body cannot use glucose and turn it into energy. In order to understand diabetes, the following concepts are important:

1. Your body cells need to remove glucose from the blood and store it as fuel

2. The pancreas must facilitate this process by producing insulin

3. Your body must break down glucose from diet

Diabetes further simplified

So you are looking at a gas cap with a lock. Insulin acts as the key while glucose is the fuel. As you are going to find out shortly, there are two types of diabetes. In the first type, your body stops producing insulin. This hinders the absorption of glucose into the cells that need it. On the other hand, the second type of diabetes is where the body makes insulin alright, but the amounts are insufficient. That means only a small quantity of glucose gets absorbed by body cells. Lastly, even with insulin present, your cells malfunction meaning they cannot get glucose through; otherwise known as insulin resistance. In all these instances, the common denominator is that the amount of glucose in the blood remains high.

Diabetes types

Now that you have a basic understanding of what takes place when one has diabetes, here are the types earlier hinted at:

  • Type 1: In this type of diabetes, your body stops producing insulin. It is common in children and accounts for 5-10 percent of all diabetic cases.
  • Type 2: In this second type, two things may happen. First, your pancreas may be unable to produce the quantity of insulin needed for the absorption of glucose. The second possibility is where your body cells resist insulin. It accounts for 90-95 percent of all cases and is the most common form of diabetes.

There are other types but they do not occur in large numbers. Gestational diabetes is a good example that affects women who are pregnant.

When glucose or sugar is mentioned, you might that it has to do with the eating of sweets, cake and candy. That is not true. Any food you eat that contains carbohydrates is broken down into glucose. Once digestion is complete, your blood picks up the broken down form and takes it to cells all over the body. For healthy persons, glucose is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Almost simultaneously this sends a signal to the pancreas to produce insulin.

That is why affected people are given free diabetic supplies from Ingram Diabetic to help them keep the glucose levels at an optimum level.

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Your Health Insured | Are You Ignoring These Symptoms? It Could Be Cancer Thu, 02 Jan 2014 08:37:49 +0000 According to experts as well as many studies, women tend to fare better than men in the case of being conscious about health. Mary Daly, MD, who is an oncologist at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, says that women are found to be keener to have those symptoms checked which might be potentially serious. This is not right, though, when it comes to younger women. They believe that cancer is associated with old age, but the truth is that many young people do get affected from cancer.

Here you will find some cancer symptoms which women tend to ignore:

1.      Weight loss for no apparent reason

If you have not changed your food habits or increased exercise and still lose weight drastically, you must consult a doctor, is what Ranit Mishori, MD, from the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, suggests. Though it could be because of a thyroid problem or some other issue, let your doctor  rule out the possibility by conducting necessary tests.

2.      Bloating

This is a common problem with most women and they take it in their stride as a part of life, but it could be a sign of ovarian cancer. If you feel bloated every day and this goes on for more than a month, you need to consult a doctor.  A CT Scan and some blood tests might be needed to verify the severity of your condition.

3.      Changes in the breast

Apart from obvious symptoms like lumps, there are many other symptoms which could point towards cancer. If the skin of the breast appears thick, or red, it could be a rare, inflammatory breast cancer. If there is a rash that stays for several weeks, that also must be examined. Also, changes in the appearance of the nipple, or an abnormal discharge from the nipple, could be worrisome symptoms. Your doctor might conduct tests like mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound and a biopsy also, if needed.

4.      Unusual vaginal bleeding

In the case of pre-menopausal women, bleeding between periods could be a possible sign of endometrial cancer. Bleeding from the GI tract could also be mistaken for bleeding due to periods. Bleeding after menopause is also a symptom that should not be ignored. Depending upon your history as well as symptoms, your doctor might run an Ultrasound or a biopsy.

5.      Changes in the skin

It is common knowledge that changes in moles on the skin is a sign of skin cancer, but changes in skin pigmentation should also be observed carefully, according to Mary Daly. She says that if you develop conditions like unwarranted scaling or bleeding from your skin, you must have it checked. More so, if this continues for more than a few weeks.

6.      Problems in swallowing or hoarse throat

Difficulty in swallowing or hoarseness could be a symptom of the cancer of esophagus, according to Leonard Litchtenfield, MD, who is the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society. When you consult your physician, he might take a chest X-ray and examine the GI tract to rule out the possibility of cancer.

7.      Blood in urine or stools

If you find blood in your urine or stools, it could be because of colon cancer, warns Mishori. It could be from your vagina if you are having your menstrual period, but if that is not the case, you must have yourself checked to rule out colon cancer, bladder cancer or kidney cancer. you might need to undergo tests like colonoscopy and other exams.

8.      Indigestion

If you suffer from indigestion for a prolonged period of time for no reason, you must consult a doctor as it could be a sign of cancer of throat, stomach or esophagus. It will be up to your doctor to decide about the tests to be conducted after taking your history and examining you carefully.

9.      Changes in the mouth

According to the American Cancer Society, finding white patches or spots on the tongue or inside the mouth could be leukoplakia, which leads to oral cancer. This is particularly important for those who smoke.

You should also not ignore symptoms like wheezing, chronic chest pain, frequent infections and pelvic or abdominal pain if these last for more than a few weeks.

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Your Health Insured | Tremendous Raspberries Ketones Help To Burn Your Body Fats Mon, 30 Dec 2013 07:44:35 +0000 Raspberry ketones are the natural and organic substances that compressed with aroma of natural raspberries, that excellently works against the obesity issues and other abnormal body weigh disorders. Basically the effective anti-obesity supplement is used in the field of costume and fragrance products manufacturing industry. Latterly the excellent property of anti-obesity component is discovered from the tremendous product, hence now it is widely renowned for its anti-obesity property. The supplement is compressed with natural red fruit called raspberry fruit that ensure to cause effective metabolic process by improving the human body’s temperature and faster the rate of fat burning abilities. Moreover it promotes the digestive system and acting against the disease like heart disease, cancer and other obesity related diseases. The best part of the raspberries substance is it pleasant smell, it aroma is very distingue which enhance the supplements flavor. All the material compressed in the raspberry is natural, for such exclusive reason most of the professional physicians are recommending the effective weight management for their patient weight loss strategies. Fat is act as the major role in causing the obesity issues, the marvelous product raspberry ketones drops, mainly react on the additive fat tissue and help the individual to move their life without any weight gaining factor. By burning fat tissues in the human system one can attain more benefits regarding their healthy life.1

Some of the benefits of weight management supplements are reduce weight: one distingue factor combined with the raspberry ketones product is it exclusively helps the obesity in terms of reduce their weight within few weeks. Moreover the ketones help to reduce the body fat that seated in the liver parts, and providing a healthier way to regulate their healthy level of body fat. It is the clinically tested product, so any one can pick the excellent product without having any hesitation. Include the natural weight management substance along with regular exercise and diet food you will obtain extraordinary structure. Supply anti-oxidant:  being the raspberry ketonesis compressed with the natural fruits, which abundantly contain antioxidant substances. That key ingredient act as the disease preventer and act ailment to the damaged cells. The arrival of the excellent weight management supplement, you can simply treat your obesity issue without spending more money. If you take the supplement regularly for a week, within these short periods of time you will see miracle into your body. These tables are made from organic and herbal substances so here is no need of panic.Slow aging process: apart from its anti-cancer property, it also holds the other healthier benefit called anti-aging process. Being it uses the ketones substance for its manufacturing terms that outstanding substance will help for ant-aging factor that occurs on your skin. It is bounded with other element called atheroscierosis that relatively reduce heart related diseases.

Choosing appropriate raspberry ketonessupplements:

More and more manufacture is using this tremendous substance into their weight loss supplements. You can pick the effective product with various forms including pills, tonic and much more forms. It is always recommended to look into its features and property of the before purchasing it.  Some of the points are stated below in order to make authentic product purchase including look for natural raspberry ketones drops  product: hence many laboratories are producing their product in the synthetic form of ketones. Therefore it is very important to take a option to look into the product clearly and also take a look on its essential properties.  Look into the ingredients: when it comes to the eating items, it is necessary to look into to its ingredient combinations. There is thread of side effect, when it’s come to the weight management supplement so it is significant to take a look into the product key ingredient. Look into the Overall value:  of course you are likely see the beneficial part of the item which commonly found in the website and other channel; however it is important to look into the overall value of the supplement, if you not having enough skill, then take the help of your physicians. Overall raspberries is the tremendous product, all of it property is bounded with beneficial parts. For what you are waiting include the product into your diet and enjoy your life.

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Your Health Insured | Cancer-Prevention Is Better Than Cure Fri, 29 Nov 2013 05:29:24 +0000 Cancer-Prevention Is Better Than CureMedical technology has really enhanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and with the improved knowledge, we now know the causes of many diseases. Cancer is one such disease that we know is often associated with our lifestyle choices. There are many types of cancers prevalent today, and most of them can be completely prevented. Unfortunately, cancer prevention has not really been emphasized much.

What is Cancer?
To understand if cancer is preventable, one has to first understand what cancer really is.

  • Cancer is mainly a disease that afflicts the aged, though this trend is quickly changing.
  • Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled cell division in various parts of the body or internal organs.
  • Cancer is a disease that spreads through the body. Though it may begin at one part of the body, it can affect other nearby organs as well.
  • Cancers can be malignant or benign, and their treatment depends on their type as well as the extent to which they have spread in the body.

How Can Cancer Be Prevented?
A lot of lifestyle factors contribute to cancer. Taking care of these factors can safely prevent it. Here’s what you can do.

  • Eat healthy, organic and freshly prepared food.
  • Consume foods with high antioxidant content. The antioxidants in these foods neutralize the oxygen radicals that are responsible for triggering the uncontrolled cell growth in the body.
  • Exercise regularly because it keeps your organs healthy, detoxifies your blood and helps remove harmful substances from the body.
  • Avoid consumption of harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and drugs.

How Can an Effective Preventive Program Be Implemented?
It is clear that an effective preventive program is difficult to implement. If it hadn’t been so, such preventive programs would already have been in place. Certain policy measures, such as ban on cigarettes and alcohol, can help prevent abuse of such substances. However, no program which forces people to change their lifestyles can technically be instituted or implemented. Therefore, prevention of cancers and other dangerous diseases largely remains voluntary. An attitude change is certainly warranted and risk taking behaviors should be strongly discouraged. Still, there are ways in which awareness about cancer can be spread. The more awareness there is, the more people would take preventive measures. These methods of raising awareness include:

  • Public service announcements and advertisements.
  • Advertorials concerning vital information about cancers.
  • Proactive discussions with family doctors or health care workers.
  • Free health camps that offer checkups and discussions about various pressing health issues.
  • Mass awareness campaigns using mass media.

Understand Warning Signs
The most important step towards preventing cancer from becoming a life threatening disease is to know and understand the warning signs. This is important because:

  • The sooner a cancer is detected and diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated.
  • Looking for warning signs of cancer can help prevent its spread through the body, which makes the cancer that much more difficult to treat.
  • Identifying signs of cancer can prompt you to apply for a free EHIC card or EHIC renewal.
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