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Childhood Cancers

Cancer in children is generally much rarer than in adults. The most common form of cancer in children is leukaemia, which is still quite rare. Usually the types of cancer occurring in children differ from the cancers that are common in adults. During the recent decades, childhood cancer recovery rates have increased significantly and now 7 in 10 children can be treated successfully. The recovery rates are especially high for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Wilm‘s tumour and retinoblastoma.

Aside from leukaemia (blood cell cancer), other types of cancers that are likely to occur in children are brain and spinal cord tumours, eye cancer (retinoblastoma), kidney cancer (Wilm‘s tumours), bone or muscle cancers and lymphoma.

It is very difficult to determine the causes for childhood cancers, since lifestyle factors have little influence for cancer development in children. Most common risks are thought to be exposure to radiation (radiotherapy), infections (Epstein-Barr Virus), abnormal development in the womb and genetic conditions, such as Down‘s syndrome. Moreover, children who have already undergone chemotherapy and radiation as part of their treatment, have a higher chance of developing cancer again.

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