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An Introduction to Colon Cancer

Welcome to where we offer current information on treatments, symptoms and diagnosis of colon cancer.

Nearly 37,000 people are diagnosed with colon or bowel cancer every year. This is equal to approximately 100 people every day and it is considered to be a major health problem.

The symptoms of colon cancer can remain undetected for many years and in most cases will develop quite slowly. We have put together useful information and tips on the steps you can take to help prevent colon cancer.

What is the Colon?

The colon is where the body stores waste material and is part of the human digestive system. The rectum is located at the end of the colon. Collectively the colon and the rectum form a long tube often refered to as the large bowel but can also be known as the large intestine.

What is Colon Cancer?

Growths that form on the colon, bowel, anus and rectum are sometimes the symptoms are cancer or may be benign tumors (polyps). Polyps are removed using a surgical procedure called a colonoscopy and are not considered to be a major risk to your health (unless left untreated)

Most benign polyps have the risk of becoming cancer (malignant) if they are not removed. It is thought that most cases of colon cancer will have formed and developed from untreated polyps.

Colon cancer and rectum cancer are also sometimes known as colorectal cancer. They are known to invade other organs and tissue as well as spread to other parts of the body and form new cancerous cells.

We have also put together a comprehensive list of other forms of cancer. You can find further information by using the links on the left to access the particular type of cancer you want to learn more about.

If you or somebody close to you are unlucky enough to have been diagnosed with colon cancer we hope you have found this site useful. We would like to wish you all the best for your treatment and your fight against this disease.

We are very grateful to Cosmetic Surgery Consultants for the great help and support they have provided us when we lauched this site.

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