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6 Useful Health Management Apps

Health is the foundation of human structure. If a person, despite being stinking rich, has poor health, he will never be able to enjoy his life. Thus health is essential for our very existence.

With modern day technology, people can be constantly updated with the latest heath management tips by the use of health management apps.

6 helpful health management apps for all the health freaks are as follows:

  1. Gram

This app frames out the basic health management tips. It points out the apt diet and food for a healthy body. It consists of data like weight and fat percentage. It offers you a diet chart for a week, month or a year. It gives you the measurement of gain and loss of weight and counts of the BMI rate. It allows you to set targets to lose weight. Moreover you can also share this app with your family and friends.

2     Shilpsnutrilife

The app charts out a diet scheme based on the details of your general health, health history, food that you like to eat, food that you are allergic to etc. It constantly fills you in with latest news on Nutrifeed to point out your preferred cuisines. It puts forward the thought that an individual’s health depends on adequate nutrition and proper lifestyle. It helps to count BMI (Basal Mass Index). It gives you an estimate of your current health conditions, tendency of obesity and how to control it. Its calculator is based on Obesity growing formula by WHO. You can get a precise diet chart on your mobile within 36 hours.

3.     Health Management App

The app as its name suggests, presents to you an accurate diet plan. Additional features include measurement of blood pressure, weight, pulse rate, body temperature, calorie intake and calories burnt, fat percentage and body mass index. You can check your health conditions on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

4.     ZibdyHealth

This app provides you medication facilities to stay fit and healthy. Only diets won’t do to maintain good health. You also need to know the medicines to treat dietary or health hazards. The app does that for you by offering information on medicines, vitamins, supplements around the world.

5.     Dietdiary

It records body weight and weight change in the morning and at night. Based on your height, body mass, you can set goals of weight loss. It also keeps track of food consumption. It helps you to go for the correct meal size and counts BMI. You can connect the diary with your own personal note if you wish to add any necessary information.

6.     Healthper

This particular health app is interesting in terms of its approach to fitness and body vitality. The app does not provide with hardcore strict dietary solutions to all your health issues. Instead it forwards a simple, easy means to stay fit. Its fun gaming feature gives you relief and you automatically get to learn a lot in a relaxed way. It permits you to share experiences of others in the fitness field and helps you stay connected with friends and take their advice.

All these apps are free and you can download them any time you want to.

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