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5 Types of Flowers to Get for Hospital Patients

Get well flowers for a patient in hospital is a traditional gift that can bring cheer and brighten up a dull room. Allergy free flowers are great because the pollen inside the flowers is not exposed. Before buying the flowers, inspect them for grime and bugs, select the flowers with a woody stem that can retain water for long, keep the size of your bouquet to a minimum and buy a durable vase. Listed below are 5 types of flowers to get for hospital patients that can all be found at the Reids Florists website.


The sunflower is an annual plant that possesses a large flowering head. It has a rough, hairy stem, rough leaves and circular broad, flower heads. The flower of the sunflower is in fact several flowers which are considered inflorescence. The head displays florets in spirals of 34 to 55 around the outside. What is called the flower on a sunflower is the composite flower or numerous florets crowded together.


A rose is a woody perennial plant within the family rosaciae. There are over one hundred species of rose. Flowers vary in shape and size, are large and showy. They are in variety of colors from black, white, red, and pink, orange, yellow and many others. Roses are widely known for their beauty and fragrance. They range in size and different species hybridize easily. The flowers have five petals which are divided into two lobes that are usually white or pink. Beneath the rounded petals are four or five sepals. A good idea of the 5 types of flowers to get for hospital patients, is an arrangement of a combination of yellow and orange roses.


A carnation or clove pink is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a perennial plant with flowers that are produced singly and are sweetly scented with an original color of pinkish-purple. Carnations can also be red, yellow, white and green in color. They express fascination, distinction and love. They are used as symbols, dark red denotes deep affection and love, while the light red represents admiration. White carnations are for good luck and pure love, and the stripped carnations are a symbol of regret of unrequited love. Purple carnations are an indication of capriciousness and are given for condolence in death. Pink carnations are an undying symbol of a mothers love.


Iris is a species in the class of showy flowers and is a perennial plant. The inflorescences is fan shaped with one or more six lobed flowers. Irises are divided into many species. There is the German Iris, Hungarian Iris, sweet iris, lemon yellow iris, bearded iris, reticulate iris and many others. The bearded iris is the most commonly found because it is easy to propagate and cultivate. The vast majority of irises are in orange, pink, yellow and white. The purple iris is an ideal choice among the 5 types of flowers to get for hospital patients.


A gerbera is an ornamental plant that has approximately 30 species. It is also known as the African daisy. Gerbera species have a large capitulum with two lipid ray florets in yellow, white, orange, red or pink colors. The capitulum is composed of hundreds of individual flowers but appears to have a single flower. This flower is very popular and is widely used for decoration. The two species, the gerbera jamesonii and gerbera viridifolia vary greatly in shape and size. Colors are orange, pink, white and yellow. Sometimes, the same flower can have different colored petals. Daisies are bright and colorful and they are one of the 5 types of flowers to get for hospital patients.


Chrysanthemums are flowering plants and there are over 140 varieties. The name chrysanthemums is Greek, chrysos meaning gold and anthemon, flower. They are herbaceous perennial plants that possess an array of several flower heads that reassemble buttons or pompons. A simple row of florets are yellow, red, purple and white. Chrysanthemums are divided into groups, exhibition and garden hardy. Garden hardy produces small blooms while the exhibition variety requires staking and additional night light. Modern chrysanthemums are showier and in various forms with daisy-like flower heads. They are known to reduce indoor air pollution, ranking it among the 5 types of flowers to get for hospital patients.

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