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3 Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of cells, forming tumours in the body. These cells start dividing uncontrollably, often blocking blood vessels and interfering with normal functioning of organs. Modern cancer treatments involve surgeries or various practises like the gene therapy, hormone therapy, immune therapy, chemo therapy or radiation therapy. There are however a number of natural alternative cancer treatments.

3 of the medically proven natural alternatives include:

Biobran (MGN-3)

This natural cancer treatment is made by mixing enzymes obtained from the Shitake mushroom with broken-down rice bran. Biobran works by boosting the immune system with natural cancer killer cells (B-Cells, T-Cells, NK-Cells), that can recognize abnormal cancerous cells and kill them. The treatment cannot however stop a cancerous cell from growing. Another advantage of Biobran is that it sensitizes cancerous cells to chemotherapy, making them easier to destroy with more conventional treatments. They have also been proven to help people live longer, when combined with other conventional treatments.

Hoxsey Herbal Treatment

The Hoxsey herbal treatment is a mixture of cascara, potassium iodide, red clover, buckthorn bark, barberry, licorice, burdock root, and pokeweed. It comes as pills or ointments that can be applied externally. The external ointment helps treat cancer by destroying cancerous cells while preventing them from spreading. Hoxsey works by removing toxins from the body, boosting the immune system, and restoring the body chemistry. The treatment was developed by John Hoxsey in 1920, inspired by the healing of a tumour that developed on his horse’s legs. He noticed that the tumour disappeared after the animal ate some herbs. He collected the herbs, did extensive research and developed the treatment.

Essiac Formula Treatment

Essiac is a natural herbal formula consisting of burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and turkey rhubarb. Each herb in this mix works to strengthen the body ‒ burdock root increases insulin production while increasing liver function, sheep sorrel tones the heart and also increases liver function, slippery elm helps in removing toxins from the body and heals wounds and turkey rhubarb cleanses the digestive system. While working together, they can reverse the effects caused by cancer. The formula was developed by Rene Cassie (Essiac is Caisse spelt in reverse order), a Canadian nurse who witnessed its healing power and described it as a miracle.

You can call the Cancer Research Centres for information about alternative cancer treatments by using their contact numbers. Although most alternative cancer medicines are not thoroughly tested, patients who have used them consider the herbal treatments to be beneficial in reducing the negative effects.

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